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Mission Statement
RoderConsult is a specialized and client-focused organization, a leader in the broad field of addiction problems.

Problems that go with addiction are of a social nature. They occur within the family situation, but also within the workplace. We assist individuals, professionals and organizations in preventing and solving these problems. Addiction related problem are always complex and should be recognized and treated at the earliest possible stage. Therefore, we work fast, effective, innovative and customer focused.

RoderConsult BV
Schijndelseweg 46
Phone: (0031) 413 1948 58
E-mail: info@roderconsult.nl

Chamber of Commerce:
RoderConsult Reintegration B.V. 17203007
RoderConsult Treatment B.V. 17203005
RoderConsult Training B.V. 17203003
RoderConsult Holding B.V. 17135366

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